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The Institute for Arrival: A Foundation for the Advancement of Joy


The Institute for Arrival is a desert compound two hours outside of Los Angeles.  It is created for an invited community of thought leaders and play makers to engage in relaxation, ceremony, celebration and quest.  The Institute is a hotel of sorts.  It is an architectural collective of private and communal spaces, landscape, firepits, pools and kitchens.  It is independent of any specific script, content Iis generated from the community.


The Institute knows no time and can be constructed to desire with as much connection or independence as you want.  One member might turn up for a poolside margarita, brunch and a swim with friends.  Another might opt for midnight grilling in the outdoor kitchen.  Yet another might choose a day trip in nature and architecture that allows for privacy and haven.  The point of the Institute is to create space where it does not currently occur.


We are a community of guides, loves, experts and energy movers.  The Institute creates a place for us all to explore.  It offers light, dark, firelight, refuge and community.  It offers space for what we are and what we experience.  It is a place by which you may mark your arrival.

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