Yapa is an immersive izakaya serving fare of the Nikkei style.  Helmed by bar maven Josh Goldman and Peruvian born ace chef Richie Lopez, Yapa means, that little bit extra.  Yapa is a natural, earthy and playful collusion of bar and kitchen, causing an ethos of ease and generosity.  Yapa hosts an indoor outdoor space in Little Tokyo.  The restaurant is organized seasonally with a patio enclave representing the beginning of spring in all its shades of green.  It is a growing patio of trailing vines and edible specimen plants.  Cedar benches, tabletops and floor are tinted to amplify the verdant aspect of this urban refuge and garden. 

PREEN, INC.   931 CHUNG KING ROAD  LOS ANGELES, CA 90012    INFO@PREENINC.COM    +1 (213) 625 - 2100

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est. 2005