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I started in the fast track as a fledgling in the hospitality biz in 1999, managing and designing for other designers, creating the best LA had to offer at that time.  It was a blur of late nights, watering holes and design.  I soaked up every minute of it.  I learned who the players were.  I learned where to put the money.  I learned how to stand for my boss and to stand for my client’s business.  I traded my first sweat equity.  I ran a nightclub in London.  I learned the business. 

​What made the most sense to me were the makers.  Artists, like me.  People who understand that mastery lies in making art appear on plate, within team, and in making people feel lifted.  When I begin Preen in 2005, I wanted to be a part of and support a vision that meant more.  

Today, I support developers with visionary design.  I create transformative spaces that celebrate and nourish. I design amazing restaurants and hotels.  I am wild over regenerative projects that have to do with hot springs, nature and wellness. My path is to continue to uphold those that are bringing more to the table and to design spaces that invite you to explore consciousness, community and above all joy. 

- Native Texan
- Masters Architecture from UCLA
- Bachelors from Vanderbilt University
- LEED Consultant
- Member American Institute of Architects (AIA)
- Member Urban Land Institute (ULI)
- Member ULI Travel Experience and Trends Council (TETC)
- Board Member Chinatown BID
- Board Member Chung King Road Association

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est. 2005